ECO Farm Full Spectrum Light VS Roleadro

May 25, 2021

You probably know that full spectrum led grow light can make your plants grow at an accelerated rate and develop better.

In the case of medicinal plants, you will get bigger and tastier buds. When it comes to tomatoes, they will be bigger and more delicious. Anything that grows under an outstanding full spectrum lamp will do it beautifully.

With the already famous Samsung LM301B diodes, in-built design, by Spider Farmer, you will get the highest powerful led grow light output led that you can find among its competitors. They create a better canopy light penetration and will bring you 40% higher crop efficiency with less costs.


The ECO FARM full spectrum light operates very smoothly. There is no fan so, automatically, no noise, with large areas of solid aluminium heat sink. It is provided with special protective cover for cables, a waterproof led board and a highly safety MeanWell driver.You will receive a 50% longer lifespan than other similar products on the market.

It takes care of your garden in an optimum way during all stages, by just adjusting the height and lighting schedule: germination, seeding, veg and bloom.


Lower Running Costs & Higher-quality Yields

Customized Dimming Design

Ideal For All Growth Stages

Well Made & Solid Construction

Value For The Money.

Why Should You Buy highest yielding led grow light?

High quality components

Plug and play & Light Switch

Excellent Mixture & Full Spectrum

High PPFD & Uniform Canopy Penetration

Very Low Power Consumption

Who said that a cheap lamp could not provide an excellent value? Then Roleadro grow light proves everyone wrong, because for such a low price it will make your plants grow better and faster.

It is amazing to find a reliable full spectrum lamp in this prices range (less than $100 USD). However, let’s check what this lamp can offer in a summary:



Amazing value for the price. This one summarizes it all, because if you are on a budget, then this lamp is a great solution for the price, especially if you are a beginner getting started

Very close to natural sun light for faster growth. The beauty of this grow light is that it has a 3500K color temperature combined with blue light, so your plants can grow strong and healthy thanks to its full spectrum

Outstanding cooling system. This feature is excellent because, even though it is very cheap, it does a great job at keeping the unit cool so it can work without problems

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