Why Us

Commercial Greenhouse Design
When we design greenhouse structures, our first priority is to ensure the quality of the plant environment. Creating an environment that fosters the growth of plants & protects them from the elements should be the primary function of any greenhouse, after all. The following are a few types of greenhouse structures that we design, manufacture & build:
High tunnel greenhouse structures
Curved glass greenhouse structures
Poly covered gutter connected structures
Venlo greenhouse structures
Freestanding greenhouse structures
A-Frame greenhouse structures
Whether you select one of our standard commercial greenhouse structures, or require a customized greenhouse design, our greenhouse design team provides a full set of greenhouse construction blueprints.

Industrial Greenhouse Manufacturing
To provide the best performance, we focus on manufacturing greenhouses that are strong and that will hold up over time and against the abuse of elements such as rain, snow and wind. In addition to using only the highest quality building materials that are available to us, we also make use of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.
This includes hydraulic saws and CNC rolling machines. Our welders are all A660 certified to the highest standards. This means that they are capable of transforming steel and aluminum into productions greenhouses around the world for numerous commercial greenhouse applications:
Floriculture greenhouse production
Vegetable greenhouse production
Plant science teaching facilities
Venlo greenhouse structures
Retail garden centers
Horticulture research greenhouses
Our greenhouse manufacturing team is focused on quality and efficiency to build greenhouse structures, benches, carts and other greenhouse equipment for commercial growers around the world.

Commercial Greenhouse Construction
Our stellar reputation, which we have earned due to the consistent quality of our commercial greenhouse structures, has made us the first choice for garden centers and greenhouse growers all over the world. We provide a complete set of construction blueprints for all of our greenhouse structures.
This helps to ensure that the greenhouse construction goes as smoothly as possible. We also provide our clients with the option to hire one of our supervisors in order to lead their installation - or we can even provide an entire greenhouse construction crew as part of a design / build service in which we will oversee every part of the greenhouse building process, from the design the greenhouse all the way through construction.
In addition to greenhouse construction, we also offer:
Greenhouse poly installation
Project management
Greenhouse blueprints
Turnkey greenhouse design / build services
Installation of greenhouse benches, shade and other greenhouse components
Our greenhouse construction crews are experienced greenhouse builders who work closely with growers to ensure every greenhouse project is completed to your satisfaction.

Our Grower Team
Our team of dedicated greenhouse professionals will help you choose the best structure to fit your needs, whether you’re a floriculture grower, vegetable grower, university researcher, or operating a retail garden center. we understand that each customer and situation is unique, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure you maximize the value for your crops.
Our grower team consists of:
Grower customers
Greenhouse designers
Greenhouse builders
Sales and customer service professionals
Come join our team, we will work hard for you to cultivate a quality partnership.