The Best Ways To Dry & Cure My Buds

July 14, 2021

Every medicinal gardener begins a new crop hoping to nurture healthy plants that deliver fat, tasty buds. Every crop involves months of hard work, from selecting varieties to vegetative growth, flowering, ripening, and harvesting.

After all the effort, commitment, and waiting, the final stage arrives.

It’s too late to correct mistakes made during flowering, but it is never too late to improve the flavor and the high of your buds by implementing a controlled drying and curing process.

1. The Importance of Drying and Curing

This is one of the most important steps, and if it’s not done correctly it can have an extremely negative impact on the quality of your final product. Once you’ve harvested the flowers you’ll need to dry them in a particular way so they conserve their properties and improve their quality; to get the best flavor and effect out of your buds you’ll need to dry and cure them properly.

The medicinal plant flowers are full of active components; resin contains a lot of THC, CBD and other components. The issue is that when your plants are recently harvested, they’re still quite green and most of its THC is inactive. The only way to make it active is by drying it for around 10-15 days depending on quantity and location.

Once it’s dry, you’ll need to do another process called curing. This is done to get the absolute best flavor out of the bud possible. Curing is still a necessary step that can take your bud from cheap to top-shelf quality. When you cure buds what you’re doing is basically rotting the chlorophyll so that the buds don’t taste too green of fresh which is extremely characteristic of plants that’s been force dried with heat or harvested much too early. When the chlorophyll rots, the plants stops looking so green and starts looking more yellow or brown; this is a sign of some potent gear.

2. Steps About How To Dry The Buds

  • Place your medicinal in a wooden, cardboard box or a specific structure for drying plants. The ideal is to leave the plants separate, so that there is air circulating between them.
  • Arrange your medicinal in a cool, airy environment with plenty of space between each bud.
  • If possible, use a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity in the room.
  • To achieve a good degree of evaporation in the first few days, a temperature of 68 F (20 ° C) and a relative humidity of 55% will ensure that the bud is left with approximately 30-40% water.
  • After that, the temperature should drop a few degrees to 64 F (18 ° C) to slow down the process. The humidity should be around 50%, or the buds will dry out too quickly.
  • This process takes between 10 and 14 days.

3. Steps About How To Cure The Buds

  • Place your flowers in a wooden or cardboard box and press it lightly, so that some of the trichomes break and their oils and terpenes spread over the bud's surface.

  • After packing, leave the buds in an environment of 18 ° C (64 F), with 50% relative humidity and total darkness, for a period of 1 to 2 months.

  • Check regularly to ensure the right conditions at all times.

  • Make sure that the humidity remains between 45 and 50% to prevent the formation of mold and fungi.

  • If the buds smell like mold or ammonia, the containers should be opened immediately, allowing the bud to dry in a warmer environment for a few hours before continuing the curing process.

Once it’s completely dry and nice and crungy, then you can leave the container closed for as long as you want and smoke whenever you want. You can keep it for years if you want, however it doesn’t ever last that long in my case. The flavor, aroma and potency will be absolutely amazing if you’ve dried and cured it properly.


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