Symptoms Of Medicinal Plant Nutrient Deficiency

July 13, 2021

 Growing medicinal plants successfully takes more than seed, sunshine and water. Healthy nutrient provides the vital nutrients a plant needs to grow strong, but this is an aspect that many gardeners underestimate.

 Plants require 12 essential nutrients to grow normally. Nutrient deficiency occurs when a plant lacks sufficient quantity of an essential nutrient required for growth. Without sufficient essential nutrients, plants will not grow well and show various symptoms to express the deficiency.

Here are some symptoms and solutions about the main different nutrient deficiency.

1. Baron (B)

The leaf buds have no color and only bloom without fruit. Both petals and fruits will fall before they mature.

Solutions: Spray the boric acid or borax solution on the foliar surface with the concentration of 0.25-1g/L and 0.5-2g/L respectively.

2. Iron (Fe)

Light green to yellow interveinal chlorosis on newly emerging leaves and young shoots. It is common to see shoots dying from the tip inwards.

Solutions: Spray ferrous sulfate on the foliar surface with a concentration of 2-5g.

3. Magnesium (M)

The edges of the leaves will gradually lose their color.  A lumpy yellow will appear in the middle and under the leaves.

Solutions: Spray magnesium sulfate solution on the foliar surface with a concentration of 10-20g/L.

4. Phosphorus (P)

 The leaves are purple-red, and the leaves are very thin. The leaves will wither when the symptom is severe. 

Solutions: Spray 1% superphosphate solution on the leaves.

5. Calcium (C)

The plant is dark green, and the newly grown leaf buds will turn white. The whole plant dries up from the top to death.

Solutions: Foliar spray with 1% calcium chloride solution

6. Nitrogen (N)

The mature leaves turn yellow or light green, and the plants are thin and short.

Solutions: Use urea for extra-root topdressing, the spraying concentration is generally 5.0-20g/L, spray once every 7-10 days, 2-3 times in a row, the effect of spraying in the morning and evening is good.

In addition to the above six nutrients, there are some missing nutrients that can also cause different symptoms. If you want to know more about its symptoms and solutions, do not hesitate to contact us, the ECO Farm technician is always here to help you.

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