ECO Farm Silver Mylar Imported 97% Reflective Metallized Film

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Accessories

Type: Unknown Type

Used in retrofit and new construction: Reduces residential attic temperatures up to 40 degrees; lowers utility bills year-round. Thermal insulation used in attic space, garage, garage doors, house wrap, workshop, shed, storage unit, commercial metal building, pole barn, as pallet wrap, and more.
Reflects 97% of the radiant heat.
Easy to maintain: Non-toxic; non-carcinogenic; fiber free; easy to install; not affected by humidity; maintenance-free; does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria; does not support nesting by rodents or insects.

Increace the distance between the ballast and reflector.
Model Number:reflective metallized film.
48" * 25 FT 4 MIL
48" * 50 FT 4 MIL
48" * 100 FT 4 MIL

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