ECO Farm 1/8"(3mm) Adjustable Rope Ratchet Light Hanger

ECO Farm

  • Retractable pulleys rope ratchet cultivation indoor obsolete standard clamping systems for lamps, filters, others. You just need to connect with its two hooks and tighten the endless rope to get the safe rigidity you need.
  • Rope ratchet pulleys are adjustable hangers. Hang reflectors and carbon filters in your indoor crop quickly and easily.
  • Pull and snap system does not allow sliding, cutting or oxidation. Resistant to cold-heat. Heavy-duty braided nylon rope 2.4m long. Provided with two carabiners to provide secure grip.
  • Your load remains safe because the rope is braking in place, until you decide to slide the rope with the brake release.
  • Fully adjustable, secure, extreme tear & rust resistant, multipurpose


Contents of the Retractable Pulley Kit Rope Ratchet Indoor Cultivation:
-2 Nylon braided strings 2.4m long.
-2 Pulleys are safe pull and snap system.
-4 carabiners, 2 for each rope ratchet.
Retractable Pulleys Rope Ratchet Indoor Cultivation includes two units, each unit supports 32 kg of tension, the kit supports 64 kg in total!

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