ECO Farm Portable Greenhouse Dehumidifier For Small Room

ECO Farm

Product Name ECO Farm Greenhouse Dehumidifier
Dehumidify Capacity 16L/DAY (30°/80%RH)
Applying Area(with three meters height) 20~35M²
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Rated power(27℃/60%RH) 280W
Air Circulation 150m3/h
Refrigerant R134a/ 150g
N.W.(KG) 15KG
Digital Timer 1-24 hours
Model Dimension 310*230*530MM
Packing Size 370*290*590MM

1) Efficient automatic system, low temperature appliance
2) Using R134a environmental refrigerant, efficient and energy saving
3) High low wind speed can be adjusted to meet different needs
4) Humidity control range 30~80%RH
5) 1-24 hours timing function
6) Large water tank, automatic shutdown when full of water

7)Water tanks capacity: 2.5L

1. Humidity LED digital dynamic display
2. Suitable for low temperature, highly efficient automatic frost system
3.Water tank perspective bar can monitor water level in real time
4. Can be connected to the drainage pipe to achieve continuous drainage function
5. Anion purification function
6. Remote control function (optional installation)
7. All plastic steel ABS shell, beautiful and generous
8.Using R134a environmental protection refrigerant, high efficiency and energy saving
9.Universal wheels are installed at the bottom to move freely
10. Warranty period: three years
11. Rated voltage and frequency 220V ~ 50Hz
Dehumidification (27 ° / 60% RH) 0.35kg / h
Dehumidification (30 ° / 80% RH) 16L / d
Dehumidification (35 ° / 90% RH) 22L / d
Rated power (27 ℃ / 60% RH) 250W
High temperature power (30 ° / 809RH) 290W
Maximum power (35% / 90% RH) 340W
Protection class IP21
Maximum working pressure of heat exchanger 2.5MPa
Allowable working overpressure on suction / exhaust side 0.7MPa / 2.0MPa
High pressure side Low pressure side maximum allowable pressure 2.5MPa

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