ECO Farm Household Dehumidifier Machine System For Large Space Easy To Operate

ECO Farm

  • Keep Your Grow Space Comfortable:  ECO Farm household dehumidifier can quickly and quietly remove moisture from the air per day, fits for medium to large rooms. You can adjust ideal grow space humidity for maximum comfort easily!
  • Smart control panel: Multi-function buttons, easy to operate at a glance. Digital display control panel offers a convenient and accurate humidity level readout, you can operate it easily.
  • Quiet and Safe Operation: It is ultra quiet operation that won't disturb you when you sleep or at work.
  • Auto stop and warn with indicator light when water tank is full  
  • Built in handle: ergonomically designed, without edges, protect the hand from injury; 
  • Conveniently moved: solid 360° universal caster

Type ECO-80D-CS
Voltage/Frequency 220V-50Hz
Dehumidification capacity (27℃/60%RH) 1.56kg/h
Dehumidification capacity (30℃/80%RH) 2.39kg/h
Power (27C/60%RH) 785W
Current 4.6A
Maximum Power 1000W
Refrigerant/charge amount R410AV0285kg
Protection against electric shock Class I
Protection level IPX0
Noise 53dB(A)
Weight 22kg
Maximum working pressure of heat exchanger 3.7MPa
Allowable working overpressure on suction/exhaust side 2.2/3.7MPa
Maximum allowable pressure on high pressure side and low pressure side 3.7MPa
Water tank capacity 6.1-10 liters
Application area 41-60 square meters (㎡)
Product Size 44.0 cm * 36.5 cm * 66.0 cm

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