Why Does My Medicinal Plants Smell Like Hay? - And How To Stop It

August 05, 2021


Medicinal plants typically has a very distinct and recognizable smell. It usually has a noticeable earthy, woody smell. But we will get messages once in a while from beginner growers who will ask us “why does my plants smell like hay?”. If your growth and curing process doesn’t go right, it is possible to get strains that don’t smell right. In the below we will talk about this bad smell and how to avoid this next time you are growing.

What Causes Hay Smell

1. The medicinal plants were recently harvested and still has chlorophyll in it. Once the plant dries out completely the chlorophyll will break down and the hay smell will naturally go away.

2. Improper curing and drying your plants is the most common reason that smells like hay. Correctly doing the process can help ensure that your medicinal plants will remain their normal THC levels, but it also can even raise the THC. So, mastering this is your key to making the most out of your harvest.

3. Proper growing procedures are not followed
The flowering plant growth stage for medicinal plants is when the terpenes and THC smells are established in plants. As a result, not properly growing your plants, especially during flowering, can cause plants to smell bad even if you correctly dry and cure your plants.

4. Inferior quality seed
Poor quality strains can result in hay or other abnormal smells for your plants.

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How to Avoid the Bad Smell

  • 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (15.56 °C – 21.11 °C)
  • 60% relative humidity
  • Complete darkness
  • Fan gently moving air around without directly blowing over the buds
  • More time

How Long Until My Plants Stops Smelling Like This

The good news is that the hay smell will go away, depending on how quickly the medicinal plants was dried and cured will affect how long the hay smell lingers.

Typically the hay smell in cured plants will go away within 2-4 weeks.

It’s very rare for the smell to linger past a month but if it does, just keep waiting. Eventually, it will go away and you’ll be left with dank, glorious buds that are ripe and ready to use.

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