Tips for Healthy Houseplants Growth

April 16, 2022

Match plants with light conditions.

Your plants will also tell you if they are getting too much or too little light. Too much light usually turns the foliage dull green to yellowish, and the leaves may also wilt even if the plant has plenty of water. If plants are not getting enough light, they will get leggy and less compact.The better you match the plants with the light conditions where they will grow, the happier you and your plants will be.

Choose the right container.

It is important to consider size, material and even color.

Fertilize and control pests.

The frequent watering required by most houseplants leaches nutrients out of the soil. These must be replaced by regular fertilization. And insects, such as Aphids, Scale and Whiteflies, can be problematic indoors. Regularly inspect your houseplants for signs of insect pests and treat when necessary.

Increase humidity and prevent drafts.

Indoor conditions can be dry and drafty. Keep plants away from heater vents, doorways and drafty windows. Increase humidity by setting plants on trays layered with small pebbles and filled with water. Or, place them in naturally humid areas like kitchens or bathrooms if there is adequate light. If your room couldn't provide your plants with good conditions to grow, you can think about humidifier or dehumidifier to help you.

Water properly.

Like all containerized plants, houseplants need frequent, thorough watering. Wet the entire root ball, and let excess water run out the bottom of the pot. Don't leave standing water in the catch-tray for more than a day or two. Doing so can promote root diseases. Allow the soil to partially dry before watering again. To check soil moisture, stick your finger into the top 2 inches of soil. If it is dry, it's probably time to water. You can also tell how dry a plant is by lifting the pot. It will be heavy after watering, lighter as it dries out. To prevent salts from building up in the soil, water especially heavily (refilling the container four or five times) once every month or two. This is most easily done by placing the plant in a sink or taking it outdoors.


There are many types of equipment for indoor planting available in the market. Here we are listing some best machines based on user reviews as given below:

Top 1 ECO Farm 740W Three Channel Dimming UI4 Series Foldable LED Grow Light +UV IR With Samsung 301B/ HOLTEK Chips

ECO Farm 740W LED grow light uses customized full-spectrum LED plant lamp beads + Sonseng power supply, with higher PPFD and PAR, and high efficiency. Born for big buds, rapid plant response from seed to flower speeds up flowering time and boosts yields. Easy dimming design meets the needs of indoor plants at different stages of growth.

Top 2  ECO Farm Non-woven Garden Planter Pot Fabric Bags With Handles Eco-friendly Garden Grow Bag



1. Constructed from high-quality needle punched non-woven fabric, Environment-friendly
2. Weightless, flexible, reusable and eco-friendly pot
3. Heavy-duty, provides great support
4. Balance plant temperatures - keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter;
5. Additional moisture and nutrients getting by penetrating into the ground;

 Top 3 ECO Farm 8 Ton Rosin Press New Upgrade Press Machine With Pressure Gauge

1. 8 Ton hydraulic device gives better heat press efficiency
2. Upper and lower heat Plate Size: 6cm x 12cm(2.4"x4.7")
3. Time range: 0s-999s
4. Power: 600W
5. Working temperature range: 0-250 Celsius degree, 0-450 Fahrenheit degree
6. Heating plate material: aluminum
7. Shell material: three layers painted steel
8. Intelligent temperature controller with a cool LCD screen and timing button.With upper and lower heating plates so that objects can be heated evenly.




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