Should I Use Infrared (IR) Light in My Grow Room? 2021 Update

November 10, 2021

In the medicinal plant industry, many debates are surrounding LED lights and infrared (IR) lights and their effects on the plant’s health. Because we can’t see infrared light with naked eyes, it doesn’t mean it has no benefits. That is why some question whether it is valuable in cultivation. This guide will explain how and infrared lights affect your plants. You will also learn how these lights are essential tools for growing medicinal plant indoors. Let’s understand how it might help your medicinal plants seeds grow, sustain, and prosper with the high-quality herb. 

Effects of Using Infrared Light on Medicinal Plants

Although IR light isn’t visible, it does assist in the process of photosynthesis. Infrared light gives the plants a small measure of heat radiation that supports your plant’s growth in many ways.

Growers have discovered that infrared lights help plants bloom faster. This marvel is because of the presence of phytochromes, which are special photoreceptors within plants. These receptors control basic processes such as stem growth, leaf expansion, and flowering.

A medicinal plant’s phytochromes get light all day, and structural changes happen to depend on fair and square of light it gets. Growers use infrared light to make an artificial seasonal change for plants to grow. Besides, phytochromes react to infrared light strongly, which means that growers don’t need to sit tight for a suitable time of year to produce a good yield.

The effects infrared lights have on the medicinal plant is another compelling reason to use it for your plant’s growth. Because sunlight is a significant portion of photosynthesis, plants have automatic defenses as they sometimes block the light. Breeders noticed that many hybrid medicinal plants tend to grow and stretch toward the source of light. Thus, invisible infrared light can aid in shape and overall growth.

How to grow medicinal plants with infrared light?

Mainly there are three types of grow lights:

  • LED Grow Lights (Light Emitting Diode),
  • HID Grow Lights (High-Intensity Discharge),
  • T5 Grow Light Fixtures
  • All of it can provide infrared light in different ways.

High-Intensity lights provide significant infrared light when they’re on. Your plants get IR through a reaction when power interacts with gas inside the bulb or ionized plasma. The color ignites from the light depends on the variety of gas inside it. Metal halide lights radiate white light, while HPS lights provide a warm yellow light. These wavelengths are infrared light, making up about 20% of an HID light’s total emissions.

LED lights consist of various diodes, some of which produce IR light. Most LED grow lights have visible red and blue light wavelengths. To emanate IR light and increase resin creation, you’ll have to add IR diodes.

Like HID lights, T5 grow lights produce light utilizing the power and a compound reaction. T5 lights radiate some infrared light, but not that much as others do. Growers can use infrared diodes with T5 grow fixtures, or they can purchase different infrared bulbs.

ECO Farm Waterproof Samsung 301B Chips 110W/220W/450W/600W Quantum Board

ECO Farm Waterproof Samsung 301B Chips 110W/220W/450W/600W Quantum Board


  • High-efficiency white light boards with Samsung LM301B diodes, high efficacy 2.7 μmol/J.
  • White-light full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing.
  • No Fan, means ZERO Noise. Large solid aluminium heat sink, high quality protective covers for cables, waterproof LED, high safety performance and dimmable MEAN WELL Driver.
  • Experimentally-certified light recipe for healthier plant growth.
  • Dimmable Power Supply included.

ECO Farm 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Reflector GL-D6011

ECO Farm 1000W Double Ended HPS Grow Light Reflector GL-D6011


  • Dimmable high-frequency ballast w/ overdrive.
  • Interchangeable reflectors for different ceiling heights.
  • Premium DE-HPS spec bulb. DE lamp balanced mounting.
  • Low shadow footprint.
  • Aluminum reflector w/ >96% reflectivity. The Eco Farm 1000W double ended HPS grow light reflector hoods is your go-to premium grow light fixture minus the premium cost.

 ECO Farm T5 Fluorescent 54W Hydroponics Grow Light

ECO Farm T5 Fluorescent 54W Hydroponics Grow Light


  • White powder coated on steel housing
  • Louvers make the ballast and light tubes cool and more safer
  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • Hangs 3 ways—overhead, vertical or horizontal
  • High performance faceted secular aluminum for better light distribution
  • Unique lamp spacing to provide more space coverage and light distribution


Even though infrared grow lights may not be necessary, they offer advantages that improve the growth and health of medicinal plants. IR lighting stimulates photosynthesis, development, and flowering, among other vital processes. When growers use it correctly, they may see more benefits than they ever assumed would be possible.

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