How to Grow Medicinal Plants in Deep Water Culture (DWC)

February 24, 2022

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is the technique of growing medicinal plants with their roots growing in a bubbling (aerated) nutrient bath. Growing medicinal plants in a DWC system is claimed by many to be the fastest way to grow heavy yielding  plants. However, the technical complexity of correctly maintaining the pH and concentration of the nutrients does place certain requirements on the grower. DWC plants growing offers great rewards, but it is far from the easiest grow technique to master.

Growing medicinal plants in DWC system

A DWC plants grow comes in many different styles and adaptations. However the common theme is that the roots are immersed in a bath of nutrients at an optimum pH, often around pH 5.8. Normally plants roots left in water/nutrients would eventually rot. But the presence of bubbling air (e.g. from a DWC air stone, connected to an external air pump) provides the roots the oxygen they need to grow with great vigour.

The container is often simply a deep bucket (hence the name, DWC) which is often black in colour. The absence of light keeps dreaded slime and algae to a minimum. One plant can comfortably fill the typical 15-20 litre DWC bucket full of planyts roots by the end of the grow. A healthy root ball is a huge white mass of roots.

The benefits of growing medicinal plants with DWC

The main attractions of growing DWC medicinal plants are the fast growth rates and huge yields that are potentially on offer when DWC is done well.

Growing in a DWC plants system isn’t for everyone. But for those that do it well, dry yields of several hundred grams per plant are quite routine. When you harvest your first DWC monster the joy and satisfaction will be remembered forever.

But for someone that has only grown in soil before there are some undeniable added new complexities to consider. You will need a, perhaps slightly noisy, air pump to feed the DWC air stone and you may need to discover the joy of owning and calibrating pH and EC meters for the first time.

Best grow material for DWC medicinal plants growing

DWC plants growing is done simply in a bath of nutrients with air bubbling through it. Other than that there is just a light-tight bath/container for the cannabis roots. By keeping the nutrient bath dark it starves algae and unhelpful bacteria of the energy they need to thrive. With deep water culture the  roots grow explosively.

Here we'd like to introduce some efficient products that can help your DWC medicinal plants growing.



ECO Farm DWC Hydroponic System 6 Bucket Grow Kit System

  • HYDROPONIC 6 BUCKET SYSTEM: Deep water culture system designed to provide a great growing environment for your plants; bucket basket to hold your choice of growing medium that has a watertight seal to guarantee no leaks
  • AIR HOSE: Multi-purpose air hose delivers air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket
  • DWC and top feed aeration cycle drip irrigation - using double outlet air pump, standard hydropod aerates your reservoir at the same time, so that DWC roots grow vigorously, while also providing a cycle top feed drip irrigation system.
  • Compared with traditional horticulture, DWC hydroponic system is the most effective way to use water for plant growth. Apart from the waste used in the factory, there is no other waste and the evaporation is very small. The basic materials for cultivation can be recycled, so soilless cultivation has the advantages of water saving, labor saving and high yield. It has been more and more widely used in horticulture and agriculture.


ECO Farm Environmental Protection Hydroponic DWC Growing Systems Kits 8 Buckets

1, hydroponic barrel (20L)---Group 8
2, main liquid bucket (20L)---group 1
3, adjustable atmospheric pump----1 units
4, ceramicist----1 bag
5, air tubing----11 M
6, gas-rock----.8 pcs
7, one-way valve---8 pcs.
8, the visual water Level Group----1 sets
9, valve connection----8 groups
10, copies of the instructions------- 1 pcs.


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