How to Choose A Best LED Grow Light for Indoor Gardening?

February 24, 2021

  With so many types of grow lights and systems available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one will best suit your needs. Here's a guide to our most popular grow light lines, including their features and the benefits they provide.

Consider This Questions When Choosing a Grow Light

Asking yourself these questions can help you make the best choice.

  • What types of plants will you be growing?
  • Will you grow year-round or just start seeds in spring?
  • How tall will the plants get?
  • Where will you put the light — in your living space, or hidden away in the basement?
  • Should the light be mobile (e.g. on casters)?

There are several factors which are responsible to produce high quality of yield at the time of harvesting.
So, pay attention and understand all the important factors which I’m gonna share with you.

Factors to consider while making a decision to purchase an LED Grow Light for indoor  medicinal plants cultivation.

1). Define your coverage expectations

First and foremost factor to keep in mind while making a decision while buying an LED is your expectations regarding coverage space.
Yeah, determine the space you want to grow your plants in. Also dimensions of space matters as different LED comes in different space like rectangular, UFO, and square shape to be precise. This dimensions limits the footprint generated in a particular area of grow space.
Another thing is never compromise on coverage expectancy by bringing an LED capable of providing lesser footprint than your expectancy. Yeah, because that’ll not help your plants to sustain best possible growth as you spreads less light over grow space than needed.

2). Get your budget ready

LED grow lights don’t come cheap. Regular LED bulbs for home lighting use are not as cheap as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, so for LED grow lights that provide a life for plants, you can expect that these would cost a lot.

While you may find cheaper variants of LED grow lights, consider if it’s really worth it. Sometimes, cheap doesn’t always save money because of poor quality, which may even make you spend more on repairs or replacements. So, always choose the one that gives the best value.

3). Look at PAR and PPFD instead of HPS equivalence

PAR is a measurement of intensity and capability of an LED Grow light to spread footprint on a particular area. Nowdays, majority of brands specify HPS equivalence in their specification. You’ll be shocked to know that this figures don’t have any value or worth in your cultivation purposes. Yeah, most important is the PAR and PPFD figures and more the measurement better the results.

The PAR should be evenly distributed among the plants, which is the reason why you need to know the surface area of your garden because those that are directly under the light will receive more PAR while those further away won’t. The best LED grow lights you should consider are those that can evenly distribute PAR.
So, go for one which is providing better PAR and PPFD results to grow well.

4). Save some bucks regularly by investing in an Energy Efficient Grow Light

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in saving money in longer time frame. 

5). Decide whether you want separate grow light for each phase or a grow light which is capable for all phases?

ECO Farm company usually have a grow light specifically for any one phase of plants life cycle.
Also our company offer some COB grow light with a dual mode switches and gives you a freedom to use it accordingly.
So, decide what you want to bring? Two LEDs for different stages or single for uniform use? Or the new update full spectrum led grow light was the issues you need to consider before shopping.

6). Are you planning to expand coverage space in future?

If you’re the one who is not sure whether you wants to grow in same space or want to expand it in future? Then bring one which gives you freedom to attach an external grow light without need of an extra socket in your power outlet. 

Hopefully, this gives you some insight as to what to look for when considering the different LED grow lights for your new medicinal plants crop.

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