Advantages of Quantum Board Light over COB Light

April 13, 2021

There have been several questions on which type of light one should opt to.

According to the statistics available, many are advised to go for Quantum Board lights over COB lights.The main reason why many people prefer Quantum lights in indoor gardening is that they provide more even light distribution and require less vertical distance from the canopy.

Here is a list of advantages of using quantum board samsung 301b lights over COB lights:

Thermal management is so simple as compared to COB lights by putting a thin piece of aluminum with no active cooling making the diodes be in place and in excellent condition.

Quantum Board light will enable you to achieve light uniformity, unlike COB lights that will blasts their lights all over.

Looking for a light type that will consume less energy? quantum boards canada light will averagely consume 50 watts for 180+ lumens, while COBs will do 50 watts for 160 to 170 lumens.

Did you know human beings can directly observe Quantum Board lights without being susceptible to health hazards? This, again, one of the significant advantages of using Quantum Board lights.

Disadvantages of Quantum Board Lights

Using best quantum boards light does not guarantee 100% efficiency.You are likely to experience some disadvantages, just like other commodities.Here are some of the demerits of using Quantum Board lights:

You will experience more difficulty if you are to build the boards yourself. This operation is smoother in COBs.

With the current only one supplier of eco farm quantum board lights, they are often out of stock.

With the uniformity of light in Quantum Board lights, some areas receive low light intensity.

With the mass production of COBs, they have relatively dropped in price as compared to Quantum Board lights.

Areas you can use Quantum Board light in:

Indoor horticulture

Outdoor lighting

A building or business lighting

Livestock monitoring

Do you want to specialize in Indoor Gardening?

Are you in the process of trying to launch indoor gardening? Or are you disappointed with the previous results of indoor gardening?

To make it short and straight to the point, the best advisable option to opt to is Quantum Board lights.

You also need to know that the best quality yields need capital. Quantum Board lights are quite expensive as compared to their rivals in the market, such as COB light.

With its immediate competitor-COB lights, many are usually confused on which one to choose. COB lights are always cheap, small, and straightforward in structure. COB lights are massively produced since they have many producers hence leading to a massive fall in terms of their prices.


Do not be disappointed when you walk into a mall and realize that Quantum Board Lights are out of stock. This is because Quantum Board lights have only one producer at the moment and may tend to be expensive.

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