TotalGrow Multi-HI High Output 480 Watt LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

Achieve your target yields, consistency and quality. Save time, money, electricity and space.

  • Shorten growth cycles
  • Improve yields and quality
  • Consistent, reliable production
  • Reduce up to 60% of energy compared to HPS
  • Long, low maintenance life
  • Excellent light uniformly
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile, aesthetic, customizable spectrum

The TotalGrow Mult-HI features multiple high intensity light bars in a thin form factor with built-in power supplies to evenly distribute the ideal intensities of light over your grow area to match your growing goals. An exceptional, customizable, full light spectrum supports efficient, quality growth for any life stage and crop variety. This plug-and-play solution with direct daisy-chaining is simple to implement with low upfront and ongoing costs for the sustainable production of high quality crops.

  • 170 - 720W of power at up to 2.8 μmol/J for the light intensities your plants need
  • Robust, reliable, ideally-shaped design for simple utilization and excellent uniformity
  • Full growing spectrum for exceptional versatility and quality

Note: A potentiometer or any 0-10v dimmer can be used to dim this fixture. Contact us for dimming options.



Usage Guidelines 

Every application is unique, and our lighting experts will gladly provide you with a detailed, custom light plan. The most common setups with the Mult-HI lights are:



Wattage draw: 480W

Spectrum: Full-spectrum white (~3500K), 660nm deep red

PAR Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J

PPF: 1180 µmol/s

Typical PPFD (µmol/m2/s): 750+ µmol/m2/s in a 4x4

Service Life: 50,000 hours

Coverage Area: 4'x4'

Daisy Chain: Yes

  • 3 @ 120V
  • 5 @ 240V

Thermal management: Passive diffusion; Aluminum heat sinks

Mounting Height: 6"-12" above canopy

Input voltage: 100-277 VAC

Power frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz

Dimming: 0-10 VDC dial

Dimensions: 42" x 43" x 2"

Weight: 19lbs

Additional details: ETL certified (for commercial grows) and DLC; IP65 wet-rated

Product includes: Fixture and 5' power cord (contact us for daisy-chain and dimming options)

Recommended for: 

  • Commercial vertical applications
  • Home grows
  • Tents

Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years 

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