ThinkGrow LED Model-V 300W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

ECO Farm


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Product Description:

The Model-V is designed for vegetative cultivation practices in commercial cultivation or home hobbyist cultivating without CO2 supplementation. An independent Far Red 730nm channel is designed to target Phytochrome Far Red in photomorphogenic lighting applications.

We listen to growers. We build for growers.

Product Features:

  • Outstanding Efficiency

  • Plug and Play

  • Full Spectrum Design

  • On-Board Dimming

  • Adjustable Spectrum

  • External Controllability

  • Group Control

  • IP56 Waterproof

From the same company that manufactures TrolMaster, J&L Hydro is proud to bring you ThinkGrow LED's. Our products are designed by growers for growers. The TrolMaster/ThinkGrow engineers bring a combined 30+ years of design and manufacturing.

Made for every grower; small home hobbyist or large commercial facility.



Input Power:

  • 350W/ Full Spectrum Channel
  • 10W/ Far Red Channel

Power Factor: >90%

Input Voltage: Autosensing 100-277V

Amp Draw:

  • 120V- 2.63A
  • 240V- 1.34A
  • 277V- 1.2A

PPF: 900 umol/s

Efficacy: 2.6 umol/J

BTU: 1194 BTU/h

Lifetime: L90: >54,000 hours

Far Red Channel: Yes

Adjustable Spectrum: No

Dimmable: Yes

Coverage area: 3'x3' for flowering

Mounting Height: >6" above canopy

External Controlability: 256 fixture/channel

Group Control: Yes

Dimensions: 45"L x 44.6"W x 4.44"H

Weight: 23.62 lbs

Warranty: 5 years standard warranty

Recommended For: Grow Room, Grow Tent, Indoor Cultivation