Spectrum King LED Phoenix 340W

ECO Farm

Spectrum King’s Phoenix 340W Veg is the most efficient LED luminaire on the market with a dedicated veg spectrum.  

SK Cryo-Therm cooling technology enables an ultra-slim form factor, allowing for maximum airflow and minimizing micro-climates.  It is unrivaled in performance and reliability in its class.

Optimized for single or multi-tier cultivation in proximity to the canopy.

    The Spectrum King Phoenix 340W Veg sets a new benchmark for what's possible in a veg light.

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    Key Features

    • Industry Most Power Veg Light for Full 4x4 Coverage
    • Industry Best Reliability of Q90 = 62,000 hrs
    • Industry Best Surge Immunity – Dual Surge (LED + Driver)
    • Industry Lowest Weight Frame



    What is the benefit of using more blue in veg for medicinal plants?

    A blue-rich spectrum enables a robust morphology of the plant structure prior to going into flower. This helps support plant weight to enable larger buds.

    Will this work for leafy greens?

    Yes this fixture has an ideal spectrum for leafy greens. Although depending on the distance you may need to adjust the intensity.

    What diodes are you using?

    We use custom diodes from the following Tier 1 manufacturers: Samsung, Osram, Seoul, and Cree. They are more powerful than the standard 3030 diodes used in the market.

    What driver are you using?

    We use Sosen and Upowertek drivers which have shown to have the best surge protection on the market.

    What’s the benefit of dual surge immunity?

    Dual surge immunity is an industry first and offers peace of mind. Most reliability issues are due to electrical surges that originate from either the mains or within your electrical network. Having 10kV surge protection on the driver and surge protection on the LED diodes ensures maximum protection from these events. We want our fixtures to be set and forget it.


    Does it include a dimmer?

    We do have promotional sales that include a dimmer. A manual dimmer is not integrated into the fixture as our reliability studies have shown them as another point of failure. Most commercial grows will be using a 0-10V controller and not a manual dimmer.

    Does Spectrum King offer controllers?

    Stay tuned.


    Coverage Area

    The SK403 covers up to a 16 sq ft (4×4 ft) for vegetative growth







    PPF (400-700nm)

    950 umol/s

    PPE (400-700nm)

    2.8 umol/J

    Input VAC (50/60 Hz)



    Input Power @ 277VAC


    Cooling BTU @ 277VAC


    Operating Temp

    -4 to 113ºF (-20 to 45ºC)

    IP Rating

    65, Wet Location

    LED Lifetime

    Q90 = 62,000hrs


    5 yrs

    Weight (Frame + Driver)

    17lbs (8kg)

    Min Height

    6” (152mm)

    Coverage Area

    4x4’ for veg


    Dim to 0ff, 10-100% Resistive

    Beam Angle


    Fixture Dimensions



    Dual Surge Protection

    10kV Driver

    1.5kW per Board


    ETL & CE Certified

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