Optic LED Slim 600S Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Light

ECO Farm

Product Description:

Slim 600S delivers the most powerful & advanced LED Grow Light ever created for under $1,100. Get the Latest LED Tech with Samsung LH351H Version 2, Deep RED LEDs rated at 3.75 umols/J And the new Samsung LH351H Royal Blues, Paired with the Samsung White LM301H LEDs which are 3.05 umols/J. Robust 2way dimmable system delivers Spectrum & Intensity controls, running 2,792 LEDs for next-generation efficiency. Slim 600S is designed to work perfectly with Touch Screen Master Controller so you can adjust the Blue LEDs and Red LEDs independently and have a beautiful Sunrise and Sunset in the garden every day.

Slim 600S has all the best components in the industry but is also designed to last 2-3 times as long as all other LED grow lights today with our 10 year warranty. Slim Series from Optic delivers the Industry's most overbuilt cooling systems and the lowest operating temperatures resulting in an easier environment to manage and LEDs that last longer. Slim 600S is equipped with 2 Industry Best Meanwell Dimmable Drivers to power up Samsung Diodes for many years to come. Optic LED is always first to get you the latest LED Technology from Samsung Horticulture Division.

Recommended for: Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Greenhouses & Indoor Cultivations. 

Spectrum Analysis


Flower Footprint 4' x 4' @18"- 24"
Veg Footprint 4' x 4' @30"
Max Power 600 watts
Height 4.5"
Width 42"
Length 42"
Weight 32 lbs

LED Components

LEDs: 2,792 Total LEDs
White LEDs
Samsung LM301H Horticulture series - 2,688 pcs
- 3000k & 3500k Mixed
Red LEDs: 64 pcs
Blue LEDs: 32 pcs
Ultra Violet LEDs: 8 pcs (Faint Dim Purple LED)
120 Degree Primary Lens on all LEDs


Optic LED offers a 10-year Limited warranty / Lifetime warranty on LED chips and drivers for this product. This warranty does not cover operator error or abuse.

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