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The Interactive Extraction Brain consists of a powerful computer that is made to grow with an updateable interface through wireless connectivity along with a 10.1" interactive color touchscreen display! NS have some amazing tools coming out in the near future that this system is designed to work with. The Pro Touch has a powerful (and easily) applied 20 Tons of controlled pressure with 3 types of precise digital PSI reporting an automatic extraction timer and a surface area calculator for target pressure.

This is the press to take you from home production to commercial operation.

You can get started immediately with hand operation, like all the other NugSmasher presses.

But the Pro can also operate pneumatically, to really ramp up production. Simply add an air compressor and start churning out product

It processes up to 112 grams at once.

And with six 160 watt heating elements in each plate, the unit is ready to go in as little as 5 to ten minutes.

Heat is evenly distributed for consistent rosin extraction throughout the pressing area.

Once you've dialed in the perfect pressure, the built-in pressure gauge ensures you hit that same pressure every single time.

Process more. Process faster. Produce higher quality rosin. 

Features of the NugSmasher Pro Touch 20-Ton Rosin Press

  • Interactive Extraction Brain: with integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity for future updates
  • Display: 10 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD
  • Solid steel construction: extremely durable
  • Large 7" x 10" smash plates: allow you to press up to 112g at once
  • Six heating elements: 3 elements of 160 watt each in both the top and bottom plates, for quick heating times of only 5 to 10 minutes
  • Accurate temperature control: ensures you don't burn the material
  • Accurate pressure gauge: for consistent extractions
  • Extraction Timer: with auto start when target psi is reached
  • Calculator presets: For precise Surface Area Extraction
  • Pressure readout: hydraulic fluid PSI/available TOTAL PSI. Actual surface Area PSI does the math for you based on the amount you want to extract for the perfect concentrates
  • Fully adjustable settings: tailored to your extraction style
  • Quick start: settings loaded as seen
  • Circuit protection: prevents damage from electricity surge
  • Fast retract plate release: a great safety feature
  • Manual pump arm: no air compressor needed and the pump is removable
  • LED lights: illuminate the work space for easier operation
  • Made in USA: high quality product
  • Lifetime warranty: you're covered forever


Plug And Play — No Compressor needed

Simply take the NugSmasher Pro out of the box, plug it in and turn it on. And that's it! You're ready to start extracting rosin. Alternatively, hook it up to an air compressor and really ramp up production.

Note: air compressor and seperator are NOT included. The recommended pressure for a compressor is 90 to 120 psi, with a 3 gallon tank or larger. The separator should have an inlet size of  /4 in -18 npt.


Safety-First Design

The Nugsmasher requires multiple power circuits to run properly (this is all internal, so nothing you need to do except just turn it on). Using a primary power circuit and 3 sub-circuits and routing them all through high quality circuit breakers ensures the safest possible operation.

The circuit breakers are mounted on the front panel for easy monitoring and access. They are simple to reset, so even if the worst happens, you never need to halt operation for long.


Dual PID Temperature Controllers For Ultimate Precision

The PID temperature controllers on the NugSmasher Pro ensure an accurate temperature with a tiny 0.2% margin. The top and bottom plates are controlled and heated individually, which results in consistent temperatures across the entire plate. Choose Fahrenheit or Celsius get accurate results in range from 32° to 752°F (0° to 400°C).


Rapid-Heating, Thermally-Isolated Plates

The top and the bottom plates on the Nugsmasher Pro are each outfitted with three 160 watt heating elements, for a total of 480 watts per plate. This ensures a quick start-up, an even distribution of heat across the entire plates and a consistent temperature during operation.

The top plates are thermally isolated to minimize the loss of heat from the pressing area. This isolation further ensures consistent temperatures and more efficient operation.


Built-In Pressure Gauge For Consistent Quality

Using different pressure levels means different results. Having a pressure gauge allows you to find the perfect amount of pressure for the best yield and then make sure you apply the same amount every single time, for consistent results.


Illuminated Work Area For Easier Operation

The pressing area is lit up by two LED lights to make pressing as easy as possible. If you've ever tried pressing rosin in a poorly lit garage, you know how nice this feature can be.


Rock-Solid Professional Design And Construction

The frame is constructed from robust interlocked American steel. The pressing plates are made from aircraft grade aluminum. Everything is designed and manufactured by Premiere Manufacturing's experienced designers and engineers in a 40,000 square foot workshop in Corona, CA. They have created one of the most robust and indestructible rosin presses available, despite the compact size.


Lifetime Warranty And Follow Up

Since we are an authorized dealer, you can buy from us and know you are completely covered for life by the actual manufacturer. NugSmasher will always be available to assist you with any questions or issues during normal business hours and they offer 100% coverage for life on all products they manufacture.



The Pro brings industrial strength pressing into the home, but if you do not need quite this much power, check out the smaller and more inexpensive NugSmasher TouchXP, XOriginal, and Mini units. Read our review for a comparison of all the models.

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