HEO 1700Pro 700W LED Grow Light

ECO Farm

The HEO 1700Pro 700 Watt LED Grow Light delivers full spectrum light to a 4’ x 4’ area for flowering and a 5’ x 5’ area for veg. This efficient LED grow light provides a fully programmable spectrum to adapt to each phase of the plant’s life cycle. A high efficacy of 2.4 µmol/j and up to 630-700 wattage power consumption make this a productive and affordable indoor grow lighting solution.

The 1700Pro’s dimmer operates 0-100%, dim to Off and includes a Turbo setting for a boost of up to 110%. When dimmed to 100%, the wattage is 630W (PPFD1550) and when dimmed to 110%, the wattage is almost 700W (PPFD1700)

The HEO 1700’s PPFD is impressive. Boost your plant yields according to a 20-40 mole of light per day requirement and with its dimmability from 0 to 100% so you can easily adjust the intensity of the light for the veg and flowering phases.

        HEO 1700Pro Features

        • Optimized spectrum for veg and flowering
        • Scientifically engineered to maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield
        • Superior PPF and PPFD exceeding 1000 watt HPS
        • Almost 50% energy savings over traditional HID and HPS

        HEO 1700Pro Details

        • Spectrum: M1 D1 R1 C1 Full Phases
        • PPF (light output): 1550-1700 μmol/s
        • Wattage: 630-700 Watts
        • Efficacy: 2.4 μmol/J
        • THD: 20% max
        • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C
        • Mounting Height: ≥ 6" (15.2cm) Above Canopy
        • Dimming: 0-10V Wireless smart control system



          Recommended For

          • Grow Tents
          • Grow Rooms
          • Greenhouses
          • Indoor Cultivations

          HEO 1700Pro Specifications

          Veg Footprint 5' x 5'
          Flower Footprint 4' x 4'


          630-700 Watts

          Light Output 1550-1700 μmol/s
          HID/HPS Equivalent 1000 watts
          Dimensions 47.05” x 43.11”x 1.97”
          Weight 44 lbs
          Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years

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