Grower's Choice GHS-730 730W LED Grow Light Fixture

ECO Farm

The Growers Choice GHS-730 takes efficiency and savings to a whole new level.

The GHS-730 takes pride in its energy efficiency, up to 40 percent less than other LED grow lights in the market today.

Featuring full spectrum coverage, the GHS-730 churns out up to 730 watts of power to deliver quality lighting to your plants.

With a 2.6 umol/J system efficacy and an 1800 umol/S total output, the GHS-730 screams high performance in your indoor garden.

The GHS-730 also features compatibility with the Growers Choice Master Controller. Never miss a sunrise or sunset in your grow tent and unlock the potency of your plants with timed switching.

The GHS-730 uses passive cooling and takes up to 40 percent off your HVAC requirements, giving you more savings with this grow light.


Full-Spectrum Coverage

The GHS-730 is your plant's efficient and constant companion throughout the growth cycle. It will unlock the potential of your plants and help you get a bountiful harvest.

Energy Efficient

The GHS-730 takes out up to 40 percent of the HVAC requirements and uses up to 40 percent less energy than other grow lights of the same caliber.

Master Controller-compatible

Keep lighting schedules on track by hooking up the GHS-730 with the Growers Choice Master Controller.



  • 730 watts
  • Full Spectrum
  • 2.6 umol/J system efficacy
  • 1800 umol/S total output
  • Master Controller-compatible
  • Passive-cooling
  • IP65-rated
  • UL8800, UL1598 and DLC certified
  • Comes with a five-year warranty

Add Master Controller

Get the best supplement to your Growers Choice lighting system through the Master Controller.

It features a two-channel programmable module that gives you control over two (2) separate growing areas.

The Master Controller uses a user-friendly LCD touchscreen for navigation. It uses a clock with a timer that allows you to set it to slowly dim or brighten your lights to simulate sunrise and sunset.


    Light Source LED
    Spectrum GC-3K Full Phase
    PPF 1800 μmol/s
    Max Input Power 730W
    Efficacy 2.6 μmol/s
    Fixture Dimension | Wright 45.5”L x 5.2”W x 4.4” H / 28lbs 115.5cm L x 13.1cm W x 11.2cm H / 12kg
    Mounting Height ≥36” (91.44cm) Above Canopy
    Thermal Management Passive
    Dimming 0-10V
    Light Distribution 120°
    Lifetime L90: >54,000 hrs
    Power Factor >90%
    Certifications IP65, UL 8800, UL1598, DLC
    Warranty 5 Years Standard Warranty


    GHS-730 Dimensions
    VOLTAGE 120V 208V 240V 277V
    4.6A 3.6A 2.9A

    Spectrum Analysis


    GHS-730 Spectrum Analysis


    All sales final. The Grower's Choice GHS-730 comes with a five-year warranty.

    This warranty does not apply to second-hand lamps or lamps purchased pursuant to casual sales. All warranty claims must be directed to the retail store where the lamp was purchased.

    Except as provided in this warranty, neither Grower’s Choice makes any representation or warranty of any kind, express, implied, or statutory, as to any matter whatsoever, including without limitation merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or otherwise. Grower’s Choice hereby disclaims any such warranty. Without limiting the foregoing, Grower’s Choice does not make and shall not be deemed to have made any warranty as a result of any testing, sampling, or similar analysis that either may perform.

    Grower’s Choice shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any loss or damage, indirect, special, ordinary, exemplary, consequential, or otherwise, arising out of the purchase or use of the lamps, except as expressly provided in this warranty. Under no circumstances shall Grower’s Choice’s liability of any kind exceed the purchase price of the lamp in question.

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