G8LED 450 Red Flower Booster 230W LED Grow Light

ECO Farm


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Product Description:

G8LED 450W Red Flower Booster is a supplemental light to enhance the flowering phase of a plant’s growth cycle. The 450W Flower Booster increases flowering size, density, and yield by enhancing the red, hyper-red, and far-red wavelengths of the grow room during the critical flowering phase. This light adds PAR Value of the Flower Booster is 1040μMol/m2/s. Add one 450W Red Flower Booster g8led for approximately 30 square of flowering area.

The Flower Booster is not intended as a standalone flowering light. It is added as a supplemental light to magnify flowering size and weight. Flower Boosters can be added alongside any LED, HPS, MH, plasma, or fluorescent lighting during the flowering cycle. The hanging distance for the 450W Flower Booster is 12-24 inches from the top of the plants. This light can also be placed vertically or angled towards the plants. The Flower Booster is a great investment for every grow room to increase yield and return on investment.

Worldwide power cords are available based on the country of your shipping address. Hanging wires are included and no ballast is needed. Just plug in and grow. Upgrade your grow room and Grow Green with G8LED Technology! Contact us with any questions.


    • CERTIFICATIONS USA: ETL Conforms to UL Std. 1598 , Canada: ETL Cert. to CSA Std. C22.2#250.0, EU: CE, Rohs
    • INPUT VOLTAGE / AMPERAGE 110V @ 2.3Amp | 220V @ 1.2Amp
    • NET WEIGHT 14 lbs (6.4kg)
    • DIMENSIONS 17.5”x11”x3” (44.5x28x7.6cm)
    • PAR VALUE (ΜMOL/M2/S) 1040 @ 14″ | 1400 @ 12″
    • COVERAGE AREA 30 sq.ft. (2,8m sq.)


    Dorm Grow LED Provides a 2 year warranty on LED grow lights under normal conditions of use, to be free from defects for 24 months from the original date of purchase date, per the limitations listed below.