EZTRIM Wander Trimmer

ECO Farm


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Trim A Pound An Hour with the EZ Trim Wander Trimmer!

The Wander Trimmer is a hand trimming tool that will give you the precision of and quality of scissors, and the speed and production of 4 hand trimmers.

The Wander Trimmer trims up to 1 lb. of dried product an hour with a single operator. The quality of the trim is unmatched and is often better than scissor trimming because it allows you to handle the product less.

The Wander Trimmer is a wet trimmer and is meant to trim while your buds are still on the stem, allowing you to hang dry your product.

This compact hand trimming tool gives grows of all sizes automation. Whether you are a small hobby grower with just a few plants, or a medium-sized commercial grower trying to avoid hiring an entire trimming crew for a week.

The EZ Trim Wander will help you get through your harvest as fast as possible, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your flower.


  • Provides scissor trim quality
  • 60-80 percent time/cost savings over hand trimming
  • Connects to any wet/dry vacuum
  • Features a precision, bearing-mounted stainless steel blade and high torque/low rpm motor to ensure hours of effortless operation
  • Cleans and reassembles in minutes, And all the parts are replaceable.