ECO Farm 135W/230W Quantum Board Led Grow Light Bar For Indoor Plants

ECO Farm


ECO Farm offers the most powerful lights, with the most intense and uniform footprints available on the market. Superior yields and higher quality flowers

1. Provide complete and even corner-to-corner coverage for industry-standard grow trays and flood tables. It is an ideal greenhouse/ vertical farming grow light for low DLI crops, it is also with multiple use for areas requiring a blanket coverage of high PPFD. Best value of all LED grow lights, especially for large commercial grows.

2. High quality, high output LEDs for durability.

3. Considerably 3X increase in lighting efficiency/ Photosynthetic photons Efficacy over HPS lighting at the same cost.

4. High light intensity crucial for canopy penetration and nourishing lower leaves and flowers.

5. High intensity light without leaf burn or hot spots.

6. No-glass design gets up to 8% more light to the canopy.

7. Thermal management with no noise no fans design to max LED efficiency, lifespan and spectrum stability.

8. New and improved custom driver design for increased lifetime and water-proof.

9. Fast, proven return on investment.

Model 150W 250W
Coverage 2'X2' 2'X4'
PPFD 387 µmol/m²s 448-550 µmol/m²s
Replace HID/MH 250w 400w
Draw Power 134W + - 5%@AC120V 138.9W + - 5%@AC240V 232W + - 5%@AC120V 242W + - 5%@AC240V
Max Yield 2.5g/watt 2.5g/watt
Spectrum 650~665nm,3000~3200k,6000~6500k 450~475nm,620~630nm,650~660nm,3000~3200k,6000~6500k
Weight 2.525 kg 5.1 kg

grow light

greenhouse grow light

uv ir grow light

indoor grow light

All Casings are Heat Sink

The heat dissipation casings keep the light always cool when it is in working status, giving your plants a safe and easy growing environment.

Water-resistant Light Surface

The surface of the light is covered by glue so as to protect the water from the light, which eliminates any worries of the light got injured by water.

UV&IR Help for Grow and Bloom

IR is an invisible light in the spectrum which promotes blooming, fruiting and increasing yields of flowers and plants. it’s heat-increasing function increases the temperature of the flower plants.

Adjustable Meanwell Driver

Just simply remove the silicone plug on the top of meanwell driver then adjust dimming with a M3 size screwdriver. It can be used to program VEG and BLOOM brightness individually.

SP series advantages & comparison with HPS/HID

Grow Light with the biggest difference is its white spectrum, SP series added all spectrums that plants needed, so it's to be the perfect replacement for the HPS/ HID, SP also contains the other more useful spectrums that HPS/ HID dosesn't have.

As for growers, one thing to be more import, that is SP series provides the same light source as HPS While it save 30% the power, So it is a good solution to save costs.

Most parts of the lights are waterproof, At least you would not worry about it would gets wet. Especially when sometimes there will be humid air in the grow processing,Or sometimes spray the waterdrop or nutrient on the light by accident.

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