ECO Farm Wax Carving Tools Stainless Steel Tool 5 Pieces Carvers Kit

ECO Farm

ECO Farm wax carving stainless steel tool 5 pieces kit consists of 5 double-sided food-grade stainless steel rosin collection/wax utensils, one 3ml silicone container, and a complimentary padded metal carrying case. A variety of tooltips (probe, scraper, spatula, chisel, spearhead, carver, ballpoint, etc) allows you to work with wax and all other concentrates with ease. Two ballpoint as well as spear-shaped tools are great for breaking out solid concentrate into small pieces as well as rolling up the gooey wax. Spoon- and paddle-shaped tools can be used to handle sappier concentrates. Knurled handles provide excellent grip, even with wet hands. The tooltips are as follows:

  • Flat paddle with a sharp edge and flat spear on the other end
  • Curved spear-tip and ballpoint
  • Scooped large paddle with round edges and pointy tip
  • Slightly curved paddle and ballpoint
  • Small spoon and pointy tip on the opposite end

  • Contains 5 Double-Ended Tools, 3ml Silicone Lidded Jar, and Free Carrying Case; Portable; Fits in Pocket
  • Ten Precision Edges a Variety of Shapes & Uses; Working Great with Wax and All Other Gooey Concentrates
  • Tips Include Probe, Scraper, Spoon, Spatula, Chisel, Spearhead, Ballpoint, Paddle, Carver, etc.
  • Tools Are Hand Crafted with a Different Tip on Each End; Great Multi-purpose Collection Tools; Tools Are Made of Food-Grade Stainless Steel; Knurled Handles Provide Excellent Grip, Even with Wet Hands
  • 100% Food-Grade Inert Silicone Jar is Ideal for Storage Wax, Concentrates, or Final Oil Extraction Product

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