ECO Farm Refrigeration Dryer High Efficiency Stable Freeze Dryer

ECO Farm

1. Robust and compact design

  • Solid base frame with very small footprint
  • Standard canopy, from smallest to the largest size, ensures
    quiet, clean and safe operation

2. High-quality components

3. Easy installation and maintenance

  •  The plug and play principle ensures direct air quality
  • ECO Farm dryers save space while making it more simple to reach for easy maintenance

4. Use Panasonic pump with two condensing to ensure outlet dew point +2---+10℃ .

5. Stable, less noise, long service life.

6. Two-stage efficicent separator can eliminate 99% water and avoid secondary evaporation. 

7. Equipped automatic drainer discharge water out of dryer without leaking air. 

8. Large evaporator can handle high volume. 

9. Condenser use superior copper tube with high heat transfer.

10. Electrical automatic control. 



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