ECO Farm N10 800W Commercial LED Grow Lights for Greenhouse

ECO Farm


New revolutionary N10 800W LED is designed to delivery the high performance growers expect from an HPS. Fits seamlessly in existing HPS setups for installation that takes days, not months. Reducing the pain when replacing hundreds at time.

Standard LEDs can reproduce the blues and reds plants need as they grow. The N10 masterfully surpasses the traditional LED performance
and scales from 400 nm to 700 nm with incredible uniformity, boosting blue and red wavelengths while balancing in between with
beneficial green. Premium drivers powering each diode help create a broad, full-spectrum light source capable of coaxing vigorous
growth from plants as their needs change, with stunning precision and dramatic fixture life.

Actual Power:800w
Efficacy:2.5 umol/J
PPF:2000 umol/s
PPFD:1000umol/s @3ft
Amerage:3.33 Amps@240V
Input Voltage:AC 100-277V 50/60 Hz PF>0.99
Dimming Range:0-10V
Dimension:747x300x130.7mm (29.41x11.81x5.15”)
Coverage:4x6 ft
BTU:2729 BTU/hrs
Mount Height:40 inches from canopy
Certificate:ETL, cETL, DLC, CE, RoHS


    5 years

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