ECO Farm PL065 80W LED Single Light Bar + Driver + Plug With Samsung Chip

ECO Farm


Product: LED grow light 1 strips, standard without dimming Power: 80W±5%
Voltage: AC100-277V 50-60Hz
LEDs: SAMSUNG LM561C S6, 216pcs led per bar
LED driver: Constant current, aluminum driver
Spectrum: See picture: 3500K add 660nm (standard)
Other spectrum or LEDs is available (OEM welcome)
LED lifespan: 50000 Hours
Dimension: 1200x54x39mm
High PPFD at 4x4 feet coverage, have 1549 umol/m2/s in 6 inch height from canopy.

1. Equipped with Samsung LM561c chip, it provides high light effect and high PPFD value and can be the perfect replacement for 600w and 1000w HPS
2. Full spectrum equipped with 660nm,and it is beneficial for indoor growing plants in the vegetation and flowering stage, high yield: 2 g/w
3. Noiseless without fan design, and it's best suited for indoor plant growth;
4. Five control system options:standard without dimming, knob dimming, Bluetooth, control panel, RJ14

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