ECO Farm Hydroponics Plastic Planting Pot 100 Pcs

ECO Farm

Material: PP


Planting basket A: upper outer diameter 5.4 cm, inner diameter 4.8 cm, bottom outer diameter 3.0 cm; height 5.0 cm

Planting basket B: upper outer diameter 8.2 cm, inner diameter 7.2 cm, bottom outer diameter 5.4 cm; height 6.5 cm

Planting basket C: upper outer diameter 10.7 cm, inner diameter 9.7 cm, bottom outer diameter 8.1 cm; height 9.8 cm


Planting basket A: about 2.8 grams/piece;

Planting basket B: about 8.7 grams/piece;

Planting basket C: about 23 grams/piece;

Hole diameter:

A-50mm; B-74mm; C-98mm.

Apply: Vegetables suitable for planting: all leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, loofahs and other melon fruits and vegetables

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