ECO Farm Hydroponic Soilless Culture In Plastic Seedling Planting Tray

ECO Farm

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  • The hole diameter of the ECO Farm seedling tray is only 4mm, and the water permeability is very good, which can effectively prevent root rot and control root growth.
  • The chassis is designed with multiple ribs to enhance the weight-bearing capacity of the pan body and make it more convenient.
  • The stacked tray design is convenient for storage and can reduce space occupation.
  • The unique buckle design prevents the crop from being overwhelmed.
  • The edge armrest adopts a reinforced design, which has a stronger bearing capacity.

  • Material: Plastic raw materials
  • Application scenario: gardening
  • Colour: White food grade 59*24*3.5, 56x24x3.2cm black, 59x24x3.5 stackable tray black, 56x24x3.2cm white, White trumpet 29.4*23.5*3.5cm, Green trumpet 29.4*23.5*3.5cm

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