ECO Farm High Precision Indoor And Outdoor Wet And Dry Thermometer For Greenhouse

ECO Farm

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  • The ECO Farm thermometer does not require a battery, it is physically sensed, and is sent to the wall.
  • The wide scale and large numbers allow users to easily read every degree.
  • Two measurements of temperature and humidity help growers to keep an eye on environmental changes and allow plants to grow healthily.
  • One-piece movement, accurate measurement and small error.
  • Red liquid, clear and easy to read, environmentally friendly aviation kerosene, non-mercury, non-toxic and harmless.
  • The wall-mounted hole design is easy to store and does not take up space.

  • Model Size:21X5.5CM
  • Material:ABS+Metal
  • Style:Temperature Humidity Clock
  • Color:White
  • Hour Format:12/24 Hour Time Display
  • Temperature:Temperature Display In C/F
  • Thermometer:Indoor Thermometer(-10C-+50C)
  • Hygromter:Indoor Hygrometer(10%-99%)
  • Memory Max/Min Memory Of Hygrometer And Thermometer



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