ECO Farm HPS/MH 1000W Double Ended Grow Light Hydroponic Grow Kit

ECO Farm

1. Full digital circuit design, Max power increased to 1150W and up to 98% efficiency.
2. To match the best 97% ALANOD reflective material to improve Max rate of light source.
3. Come with random start, open/short circuit, over temp protection and smart Dimming as simulated sunlight function.
4. Concise fixture design with high temperature resistance socket to get more economy and safety.

1. Double ended, high efficient and high frequency supplemental lights.

2. 100KHZ high frequency output make it compatible with high efficient and high frequency light source.

3. Secure and full digital circuit have the high reliability.

4. Powerful capability of communication can connect each IOT intelligent system.

5. Perfect distribution of light and high reflectivity.

6. Perfect mechanical design and easy to remove and maintain.

1000W Double Ended HPS Bulb

Light output Lumens: 145,000lm;
Color Temp: 2000k;
CRI: 30ra;
The surface is made from quartz glass.
Provides 35% more available energy than the standard high pressure sodium lamp.
High output of PAR light (2,050 μmol/s) promotes photosynthesis.
Specifically designed for high frequency electronic digital ballasts.
The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam.
For horizontal burning only; Do not handle with bare hands.


1000W Double Ended MH Bulb

MH grow light bulb can produce a very balanced and efficient spectrum for plant growth. Doulbe ended MH lamps have higher luminous efficiency than ordinary bulbs, and they have stronger penetrating power and long service life. It emits an enhanced blue and violet spectrum that is among the most energy-efficient sources of indoor lighting and extends the growing season. It can be used through the stage of plant germination and leaf growth.

Model: 1000W

Rated Input Voltage: 380V/120V TO 240V/208V TO 277V

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Rated Output Power: 1000W

Power Factor: ≥0.97

Crest Factor: ≤1.7

Operating tenperature: -20°C ~ +50°C

THD: ≤10%

Strike Lamp: Nanolux DE Sodium Lamp/Metal Halide Lamp

Protection Function: Over Temperature protection; Under Voltage Protection; Open/Short Circuit Protection

Size (L*W*H): 592*239*242mm/23.3*9.4*9.5inch

Weight: 5.9 kgs/13.0 lbs

HPS/MH 1000W Grow Light Hydroponic Grow Kit Gavita dmx Lighting Controllers

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