ECO Farm Fabric Square Pots Smart Grow Bags

ECO Farm

Collections: ECO Farm Planting Container, New Arrival, SUPER 420

Type: Unknown Type

  • LONGER LAST PREMIUM MATERIAL - Thicker material. Designed to last longer.
  • BETTER TEMP-CONTROL & GREAT LOOKING - Decreased sunlight absorption comparing to black. Slower temperature raising. Shed excess heat through better breathable fabric. Natural grass color matching better with plants.
  • STRONGER OVER-WATERING RESISTANCE - The thicker premium fabric will absorb much more water than others. Excess water will percolate through the bag.
  • HEALTHIER ROOT SYSTEM - Premium material fabric make the better breathable bag. Encourage a better root pruning. Prevent root circling.
  • EASIER STORAGE & VERSATILE - Designed to be easily fold up and can be stored with minimal space. Can be easily moved around or planted directly in the ground.



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