ECO Farm 800W/1200W CREE COB Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

ECO Farm


  • COB LED grow lights are the latest trend in the indoor grow lights realm. COB (Chip on Board) grow lights are being deployed everywhere, thanks to their many benefits. They have better electrical efficiency, longer life, and better light quality.
  • Having your plants under the illumination of the best COB LED grow light will ensure they blossom.
  • The light generates a strong illumination that will help your plants blossom.
  • Optical lens magnifies PAR and increases canopy penetration, 12 band full spectrum range from 380-760nm (with UV& IR) will be the ideal addition to any seedling, propagation, mixed-light, supplemental, complete indoor, or greenhouse application.

  • Led size: 800W/ 1200W
  • Eco Farm Cree COB LED grow light use 60W Cree CXA2530 white light, 5W Bridgelux and Epistar LEDs surround each COB.
  • Three dimmers offer brightness settings for the light from seedling, vegetation, blooming.
  • Built-in timer with12 hours, 15 hours and 18 hours for each stage.This revolutionary design provides your crop with perfect blend spectrum technology, amplifying growth rate, quality, size, yield, and gives you complete control over your photo period.


13-band full spectrum COB LEDs & single 5W LEDs
for the best mixture, most effective & powerful for
optimal performance.


Optical lens make the average intensity of each spectrum per unit.


Built-in timer with 12 hours, 15 hours and 18 hours for each stage. Easy to set the lighting time and lighting intensity percentage of each stage.


Seedling, Veg and Bloom dimmers to give the
PAR value your plants need at every stage of
their life cycle.


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