ECO Farm 400/600/800W Cree COB Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

ECO Farm


ECO Farm grow lights using Bridgelux & Epistar 100W COB chips to make well-balanced light and illumination.

Professional 12 bands full spectrum LED grow light, best lighting mixture & evenly coverage full spectrum for indoor plants veg and flower UV&IR.

Two dimmers can adjust the concentration of different plants and different seedlings, vegetables and flowers.

Especially suitable for indoor plants medical plants.

Led size: 400W/ 600W/ 800W

12-band COB: Full Spectrum LED Grow Light B400 provides a denser array of light including UV&IR to ensure your plants receive the best light proportion at veg and flower.

Growth and yields : ECO Farm LED Grow Light using convex optical lens, optimize lighting coverage, avoid hot spots and get a full blend of light, enhances growth and yields.

UL standard: ECO Farm LED grow light for indoor plants using UL standard driver, UL-approved cooling fans to provide superior heat dissipation.

Safety assurance, quality and durable.

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