ECO Farm Black/Silver Flex Ducting

ECO Farm

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  • Low noise silencer: designed for reducing noise from fans and carbon filter systems, can decrease the noise by up to 50%.
  • Lightproof: Thick layer of black PVC on ducting prevents light leaks. Works with exhaust and intake fans, carbon filters and hooded lights
  • 3-Layer tough: Keep your ventilation system free of rips and pin holes. Under the black PVC layer our ducting is built with 2 layers of aluminum foil with a layer of PET and steel wire helix to preserve the shape,keep your ventilation system free of rips and pin holes
  • Flexible and easy to use: Duct is super flexible and easy to install, it will slide right on your duct fan, vent exhaust, carbon filter or light reflector.
  • Variety of applications: Suitable for HVAC system. It will move and deliver air in Kitchens (cooking exhaust), Green Houses and Grow Rooms (Air Circulation, Intake, Exhaust and Light Fixture Cooling), Bathrooms (Smell and Moisture Exhaust), Dryer Rooms, Grow Tents and other applications etc.

10 standard diameters are available, from 4 inch to 10 inch to fit any device.

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