ECO Farm 500W LED Light With Samsung 561C Chips And 8 Strips

ECO Farm

Lamp Body Material: Aluminum

Size: 1000*1000*95mm

Single gross weight: 20kg

LED Light Source: Sansumg Lm561c

Application: Vegetables, flowers, fruits

Working Temperature(℃): -25 - 45

Light Source: LED

Power 500W
Effect coverage area(100cm) 0.8m2
lamp beads 1728pcs
efficacy 2.2 umol/j
working time 5000 hours
Protection grade IP 63

Led grow light is a new kind of supplementary light lamp for plant growth. Environmental and climate change affects plant growth. After testing, the wavelength of the LED plant supplementary light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering and fruiting.Plant growth lamp is the world's leading high precision technology based on the principle of semiconductor lighting, dedicated to the production of flowers and vegetables.Usually, houseplants and flowers always get poorer and poorer. The main reason is lack of enough light. LED light exposure can not only promote its growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers. For example, flowers that last only a day or two can be extended to about 20 days by the exposure of LED lights.

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