ECO Farm 5 in 1 C-100 TDS/EC/SALT/S.G./ Digital Water Quality Temperature Monitor

ECO Farm

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  • ECO Farm 5-in-1 water quality meter can measure TDS/EC/S.G/seawater specific gravity/temperature. The measurement range is large and wide and can measure freshwater salinity and sea salt.
  • This product can detect the salinity of edible salt. At the same time, it can detect the salinity of seawater. Food salinity measuring range: 0.00-25.00%, seawater salinity measuring range: 10.1-200.0ppt.
  • Conductivity: Portable TDS meters can be carried anywhere to measure water quality such as tap water, RO system water, aquarium, seawater, pool water.
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 10000us/cm 10.01-19.99ms 20.1-400ms /cm, Resolution: 1us/cm, 0.1ms /cm. Accuracy: ±2% of the reading
  • [TDS]: measurement range: 0-1000ppm, 1000ppm to 10000ppm, 10.1-200.0 PPT (automatic range selection), Resolution: 1ppm.


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