ECO Farm 300W Power Electric Hydraulic Rosin Heat Press Machine

ECO Farm



ECO Farm 300W power electric hydraulic rosin press machine is great because they don’t require a pump that can take up extra space – just plug it into a wall. This style of rosin press is sort of new to the extraction industry, but is quickly gaining favor, especially with hobby growers and home extractors. The reason for this is that it doesn’t require any sort of air compressor. They are plug-and-play, typically featuring built-in electronic pressure control.

Item No. DM-2500 / DM-3000
VOLTAGE 110V/120V/210V/220V
Temp range 150℉~325℉
Machine Type Heat Press Machine
Warranty 1 Year
Heating Plate Size 71 * 81.5 MM
Dimension 39cm*33cm*25cm
Weight 13.5kg

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