ECO Farm 200W/480W/600W LED Quantum Board With Samsung 301B Chips

ECO Farm

1. Use Samsung LM301B SK high bin LEDs, ultra high PPFD, replace HPS 600W and 1000W perfectly

2. Meanwell driver best power supply quality control

3. Full spectrum added 660nm, good for growth stage and flower stage, high yield

4. No fan no noise design, passive heat dissipation, plants stay cool

5. No dimming, Knob dimming(0-10V), Knob dimming(0-10V)&RJ14 are optional

6. ETL & cETL certificated (ETL number:5013683), 2 years warranty

1. Samsung LM 301B with Osram / SanAn led source, the lighting is most suitable to the indoor or greenhouse planting growth.

2. Top grade driver- Meanwell driver be certificated by authority, providing the stable and long time protection to the lights.

3. Lens designed for most lighting be collected and using, 100% waterproof.

4. Good heatsink by multi-tier finned aluminum, during strict temperature test, no harmful no noisy, longer life span.

5. Inside hook design, fast installation and a plug and play, 100% safety for hanging.

6. Whole light is designed with IP65 waterproof, aoviding all usage risk, 2 years warranty.

Product name LED Quantity Flowering Footprint Veg Footprint Recommended Mounting Height Beam Angle
600W 1056 pcs Samsung LM301B + 96 pcs SanAn 660nm 5X5ft 6.5X6.5ft 12--30inch 90°/120°
480W 792 pcs Samsung LM301B + 72 pcs SanAn 660nm 4X4ft 5.5X5.5ft 12--30inch 90°/120°
200W 340pcs Samsung LM301B + 32pcs Osram 660nm +8pcs Osram 730nm 2X3ft 3.5X4.5ft 18--30inch 90°/120°

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