ECO Farm 18 inch Table Style Automatic Leaf Trimmer Machine

ECO Farm

ECO Farm hydroponics leaf trimmer is great equipment to trim and shape flowers, buds, medical plants, and spices.
Three Speeds will allow you to determine the exact speed in order to have the perfect result. Three-speed 18'' electric bud trimmer leaf table adjustable with 3-speed motor.
This Hydroponics Leaf Trimmer is also a great way to slice and dice medical plants and spices to a fine material, making it indispensable for any serious flower, medical plants or spice grower.

  • Three-speed 18″ electric bud trimmer leaf table
  • Adjustable with 2-speed motor 60hz 110v
  • On/Off button
  • Product dimension: 18×18″x 26″
  • Sturdy construction
  • 7.5 feet electric cord
  • Come with mesh bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra 6 steel blades
  • Color may Vary
  • Extra sturdy leg design for stability

1. Never place your fingers, gloves or any other body part in contact with the grate or the blade.
2. Never apply pressure on the grate.
3. Do not use scissors, knives or any instrument above the grate.
4. Safety glasses and gloves are required at all time.
5. The gloves have to be tight enough so they don't get inside the grate slots. A loose glove is dangerous,be aware!

6. Color random

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