ECO Farm 120W LED Grow Light For Indoor Plant Growing

ECO Farm

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Product Advantages:

【No Reflector More Safer】 As we all know that led reflector give the grow light a beautiful look, but it is not heat-resistant and prone to short circuit. Which can cause it to catch fire. So we give up the reflector and ensure safety. What’s more, using isolated power supply, relatively linear and non-isolated more secure.
【Wide Coverage Energy Saving】 120W LED Plant Grow Light perfect for 2.2x2.2ft growing area. Our plant growing light can replace 3-5 times the power of high pressure sodium lamp, saving 80% of the electricity. And each lamp bead is equipped with a stabilizer tube to ensure that every lamp bead works independently.
【Full Spectrum】 LED grow light Full spectrum design adopts the wavelength of 380-800nm with universal Blue Red IR UV light. Promoting all stages of plant veg and flowers healthy growth, indoor gardens, aqueous culture, soil culture. The area and height of the lamp will vary from different plants and environments.
【Efficient Cooling System】 Built-in high-speed silent cooling fans and metal cooling heat sinks, as well as 3.0mm thickened aluminum base plate, effectively solving the heat dissipation problem and have very low noise when the plant grow light is working. Extend the plant light service life up to 50000 hours.

Product Details:

  • Air cooling technology veg growth blooming ful spectrum led grow light for grow tent indoor garden
  • Plug and play, ready to work out of the box
  • Veg and Bloom separated controlled, more energy saved
  • Isolated driver with precision constant current output, crucial key to Spectrum optional to meet all kinds plant requirement
  • Air cooling, more faster to pass the heat out, keep the led in cool tempearture and to extand the led life.


  • Grow Tent, Grom room, Greenhouse, Glass house

  • Hydroponics, aeroponics,aquaponics
  • Personal grower, Researcher

Product Specifications:

    Lamp Beads Power

    3W Number of beads 100pcs
    Dimensions 328*221.5*80mm Power 120W
    Net weight 2.5kg PAR 186/60cm
    Input voltage 85-265V lux 6172/1M
    Working current 475mA Lifespan 50,000hours
    Work Frequency 50-60hz colour Red light(630nm/Blue light460nm
    Work Temperature -20°C~40°C Irradiation Area 1/1M
    Inner box packaging 372*294*253*134MM Gross weight 2.6kg
    Outer box packaging 564*390*312MM/4pcs Gross weight 11.2kg/4pcs


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