ECO Farm 120W/240W Quantum Board With Samsung 301B Chips +MeanWell Driver

ECO Farm

  • ECO Farm full spectrum led grow lamp can provide everything the plants need under natural light at all stages.
  • A fanless design is used to provide you with a silent growth life. Using high-quality Samsung LED chips and reliable drivers, the light is also made of the LED board is passively cooled by a large-area thick aluminum heat sink.
  • The fast-dissipating aluminum material reduces the light lost in walkways and walls, increasing the light intensity by 20%, allowing your plants to get more energy without burning the plants for maximum space.

XC-120W XC-240W
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Power 120W 240W
Input Voltage 100-277V
LED Chips Samsung LM301B
Frequency 50-60Hz
PPFD 950 1280
PPF 2.40μmol/s/W 2.46μmol/s/W
PF value 0.99 0.99
Working current 630mA
Gross Weight 2.55KG 4.3KG
Item Size 300*245*70mm 600*245*70mm
Lifespan >50,000 h
Working Temperature -20°C~40°C
Total Number of LEDs 218pcs 436pcs
Irradiation area 0.6/30CM 1/30CM



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