Active Air Commercial Humidifier - 200 Pint

ECO Farm

Living off in a cold and dry place could leave your skin and throat parched; imagine what it could do to the plants? In territories with low humidity levels, the natural photosynthesis process slows down massively, and you wouldn’t want that for your plants! The active air humidifier comes with a multi-directional fogging head that has a direct water connection.

At no point, your plants suffer due to excessive dry wind and weather as the commercial humidifier creates a naturally humid environment where the plants thrive. The motor used by the humidifier is industrial grade, and it is bound to function exceptionally well for many years to come.

The humidifier gives ultra-fine mist, which is almost 200 pints in a single day. The humidifier has a multi-directional fogging head that distributes mist to a wider area in a limited time. Due to the multi-directional head, the mist can provide coverage to up to 1614 sq. ft. area.


  • SKU/Model No.HF-AAHC200P

  • Shipping Weight:15.80 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:16.14L x 16.14W x 17.72H

  • Frequency:60HZ

  • Rated Amperage:0.82 A

  • Voltage: 115 V

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