ECO Farm Rosin Pre Press Mold 2*4 Inch Heat Press Plate Kits

ECO Farm

1. Compact Size : 2inches x4inches
2. Material :6061 Aluminum
3. With the magnet and Easy to take
4. Accessories :Rosin press bags 5pcs
5. Help prepare your flowers or hash for pressing solventless Rosin quick and easy
6. Guarantee consistent packing of the Rosin Filters
7. Increase oil yield

1. 2 * 4 inch preheating mold, the most practical size
2. The base and frame are designed with strong magnetic attraction, which is not easy to fall off
3. The upper and lower plates are slightly larger than the frame for easy removal
4. Gold + black contrast color design, better visual effect
5. Inside with yarn bag, simple and convenient

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