ECO Farm Portable Pocket LED Microscope Magnifier Mini Magnifying Tools

ECO Farm

    • This version of the Microscope Magnifier is easy to use LED and UV Lighted Pocket Microscope with an included Universal Smartphone Digiscoping Adapter Clip
    • Magnification: 40X-60X.
    • Extremely Lightweight, Portable and Compact Design
    • Universal Smartphone Digiscope Adapter Clip is Compatible with Most Smartphone Models.
    • Field Microscope Contains a Built-In Stand-Alone UV and LED Flashlight. 
    • With LED compensation lights, so that you are not troubled by light during observation. 
    • Great Educational Microscope for Multiple Hobbies, Tasks, Learning, and Exploration
    • Ideal Microscope for Professional Usage.
Description 100-1520 phone microscope
Magnification: 40X-60X
Material: Optical lens, eco-friendly plastic, LED
Product Size: 160x70x32mm
Net Weight: 80g
Illumination: 1 LED

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