Yearld Pro 660W Full Spectrum Foldable Samsung LM301B + Osram Chips

ECO Farm

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  • Industry-leading, dimmable and extremely efficient Meanwell driver
  • High-efficiency Samsung LM301B White + Osram Red LEDs
  • 4000K white true full spectrum enhanced with 660nm deep red for optimal canopy penetration
  • Industry-top efficacy: 2.6 μmol/j
  • Reliable passive-cooled design (no cooling fans required)
  • Full Spectrum: Ideal for seedling to harvest growth
  • Replaces a single-ended 1000W HID while only drawing 660W from the wall
  • Auto-sensing power supply (AC 100-277V)
  • 5-year warranty, 90-day replacement, 30-day return policy

Watts: 660W (±5%)

PPF(μmol/s): 1716 µmol/s

Efficacy: 2.6 µmol/J @ 277 AC

Spectrum: 3920k white+660nm red

Color Rendering Index: 90

LED: Samsung LM301B & Osram

LED Count: Samsung*2816 & Osram*64

LED Lifespan: ≥50,000 hours

Driver: Meanwell ELG-240-48AB * 4

Driver Lifespan: ≥50,000 hours

Input Volts: Autosensing 120-277V

Dimmable: (0, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)

Master Controller: Yes (sold separately)

Daisy Chain: Available on request

Coverage Area: Veg: 6x6 ft, Flower: 5x5 ft

Mounting Height: 6'' - 18'' above canopy

IP Rating: IP65

Foldable: Yes

Dimensions: 46.46'' x 44.88'' x 2.76''

Weight: 24.4lbs(12KG)

Warranty: 5-year standard

    Recommend For:

    • Grow tents
    • Grow rooms
    • Large indoor grows
    • Vegetative growth and/or flowering
    • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
    • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Package List:

    • yearld Pro 660W light fixture *1
    • Meanwell driver *1
    • US Cord and Plug *1(UK, AU, or EU cord and plug available on request)
    • RJ cable* 1
    • Hanger *2

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