Viparspectra KS5000 500W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light With Samsung Chips

ECO Farm


  • TOP COMPONENTS FROM TOP GLOBAL BRANDS- SAMSUNG LM301H LEDs- Features the industry-leading high efficiency of 3.10 μmol/J.
    OSRAM 660NM DIODES- OSRAM is one of the two largest light source manufacturers in the world.
  • EVEN PAR DISTRIBUTION- Beneficial and reliable choices for your plants. Other brands distribute too much light to the center and too little to the outer edges. The larger size of the KS5000 ensures every plant from the corner to the center has enough light.
  • EXCELLENT USABLE PPE- KS5000 enables indoor farms to reduce their energy use.
  • DETACHABLE POWER SUPPLY- Limit the temp in your tent as the distance between the plug and the light is 13.12ft (400cm).
  • FULL SPECTRUM- Consists of 3000K warm white, 5000K neutral white and 660nm deep red.

Recommended for:

  • Commercial grows
  • Greenhouses
  • Home grows (rooms and tents)
  • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
  • Indoor farming or gardening






Usage Suggestions


  • Seedlings - You will need to hang the light high due to the delicate nature of seedlings. We recommend a break-in period of about a week while a seed has broken the surface. The first set of real leaves should be present while the seedling has been above ground for about a week.
  • Clones - Clones are a little bit hardier than fresh seedlings, but still, need to be given gentle light as they are entirely rootless when first cut, and need to conserve energy and moisture to transition into a rooting stage.
  • Vegetative - The deeper red spectrum is utilized less by the plant than when it is in flower. It uses high levels of white light that are essential for creating lush, thick plants that have tight internodal spacing and minimal stretching.
  • Flowering - The plant has much work to do and is preforming many complex biological processes in producing flowers and fruits. Because of this, the plant now requires large amounts of light.
  • Late Flower - Most rapid development has stopped, and the plant is gearing up for the scene in which the large flowers and fruits will mature or ripen.

If you expose plants to high light intensities too early in the crop cycle, you can damage chlorophyll pigments causing photo-oxidation (photo-bleaching), so we recommend slowly increasing your light intensity as your plant develops.

Additional Info 


Wattage draw: 500W±3%

LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301H Diodes and OSRAM 660NM Diodes; 

Spectrum: 5000K, 3000K and 660nm

Usable PPF @ 16": 1200 μmol/s

Usable PPE @ 16": 2.40 μmol/J

    Thermal management: Active cooling via aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans

    Daisy chainable: Yes, up to 100 lights

    Dimmable: Yes, Flexible precise brightness

    Grow/Bloom switches: Yes

    Coverage area/hanging height:

    • Veg Coverage @ 28": 4' x 4'
    • Flowering Coverage @ 16": 4' x 4' 

    Operating/input voltage: AC100-240-4.16A

    Frequency: 50/60 hz

      Product weight: 12.8lbs

      Dimensions: 40" x 40" x 1.6"

      Working temperature: -20 to 40° C

      Product includes:

      • 1 x KS5000
      • 1 x LED Driver
      • 1 x Hanging Kit
      • 4 x Rope Hangers
      • 1 x Dimming Cable
      • 1 x 240v Adapter

      Recommended for: 

      • Grow tents
      • Grow rooms
      • Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems
      • Primary or supplemental lighting

      Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

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