Twister T4 VSC Trimming Machine with Leaf Collector Vacuum

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The Twister T4 was designed from the ground up to exceed the stringent demands of the most demanding medical medicinal plants facilities on the planet. It’s lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless-steel design can deliver heavyweight results in any sized medical medicinal plants production. Fast disassembly, giving you easy access to the components when needed. Tear down in 15 Secs, no tools required.

  • Can Process up to 25 lbs per hour Wet and 14 lbs per hour Dry
  • Twister T4 allows up to four machines to be run in tandem
  • Two-piece designed for easy movement to and from your trim sessions
  • Easy tear down in 15 seconds
  • Works great for a harvest size of 20-60 lbs or more
  • Twister tumblers are made of 304 stainless steel, it’s six inch diameter reduces wall crawl, resulting in gentle and efficient flow of product through the tumbler. Standard 1/4" tumbler is included
  • The T4 uses corrosion resistant Nitrided blades so your they stay sharper longer
  • Comes with the T4 optional stand and leaf collector


  • Input Voltage: 115V
  • Current Draw: 2A
  • Blade Motor: .25HP, Fan-Cooled
  • Cut Height: .040in / 1mm
  • Cuts Per Minute: 19,250
  • Discharge: 5in / 10.1cm
  • Weight: 56lbs /25.4kg
  • Shipping Weight (w/ T4-LC): 120lbs / 54.4kg
  • Length: 25in / 63.5cm
  • Width: 15in / 38.1cm
  • Height: 16.5in / 42cm
  • Circuit Breaker Required: 15A / 120V
  • Connector (plug): NEMA 5-15P
  • Fused: Yes, Thermally


  • Input Voltage: 115V
  • Motor: 1HP, Fan-Cooled
  • Amps (running): 10A (NA)
  • Amps (startup): 53A (NA)
  • Motor Speed: 3450RPM
  • Airflow Capacity: 1190 CFM
  • Static Pressure: 6.45in of H20
  • Impeller: 10in / 305mm
  • Inlet: 5.5in / 139.7mm
  • Height: 19in / 48.3cm
  • Weight: 58lbs / 26.3kg
  • Circuit Breaker Required: 15A / 240V
  • Connector (plug): NEMA 5-15P
  • Sound Rating: 77 Db
  • Fused: Yes, Thermally


Trim Up To 14lbs An Hour Dry With The Twister T4 Trimming Machine with Leaf Collector
Harvest is exciting, but the trimming process itself can be miserable, regardless of the amount you have to trim. Trimming by hand creates a beautiful bud, but isn't feasible at scale. On the flip side, trimming machines work fast but don't produce the similar, aesthetically pleasing results that hand trimming does.
Now, the Twister T4 has transformed the trimming game with advanced, patent-pending technology that does the job for you quickly and efficiently. With the T4 trimming machine, you can trim up to 14 pounds an hour (dry), or 23lbs an hour wet!

Why Twister Made The Switch to Corrosion-Resistant Nitrided Blades
Recently, Twister began implementing corrosion-resistant nitrided blades in their trimming machines. While these are more expensive, there are a number of reasons why this was for the better:
Hardended Steel
Increased tensile strength
Materials are approved for contact with food products
    Increased resistance to corrosion
    Increased wear resistance
      Less buildup on the blades
      Blades stay sharp longer

      Twister T4 Trimming Machine

      The Twister T4 has earned a best in class reputation
      Faster, higher quality cut
      Twister Trimmers are designed to run continuously, eliminating any need for you to touch your buds once you put them in the tumbler, and trimming fast. Why tumble or churn for 20 minutes when 30 seconds will do?
      Highest ROI Trimming Machine
      Your Twister will pay for itself in a single harvest, compared to hand trimming. Sure, its an investment. But compare it to the cost of hiring an entire trimming crew for a few weeks!
      Twister track record
      When you buy a Twister, you're investing in a brand with a decade of harvest research and development behind it. Trust the quality and efficiency of your harvest with a brand you can trust.
      Outstanding Support
      Twister offer live tech support 12 hours a day, seven days a week, along with a ironclad 3 Year Warranty and optional 2 Year Extended Warranty. If anything goes wrong, they have you covered.

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