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The Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine has all the innovative features of the Triminator Dry, but in a compact size. Despite weighing only 32 pounds, the long, narrow drum maximizes cutting surface, so it can process up to 40 pounds of dry material per day, or 2 to 5 pounds per hour.

The shear band is made from a proprietary material that is stronger than metal, but does not generate heat. This reduces resin and trichome loss, resulting in higher quality output.

A roll-back loading system makes loading and unloading a breeze and the turn-loc system allows for fast and tool-free drum swaps and cleaning. It can safely be power-washed.

Kief Kit


Triminator Mini Dry Trimming Machine Features

Pure Trim Technology

Triminator's proprietary technology eliminates metal on metal friction, which reduces the need for lubricants and keeps heat down.

  • Trim and pure medicinal plants flowers: no lubrication means higher quality buds
  • Reduced resin loss and stickiness: less friction means less heat build up, so resin is not as sticky and less of it is lost
  • Highest clarity extracts: no lubricants or excessive heat generation leads to the highest possible clarity


Designed For Maximum Results

Every part of the Mini Dry Bud Trimmer was thoughtfully designed to improve operation and results.

  • 2-5 lbs per hour: or up to 40 pounds per day
  • Faster trimming: the long, narrow drum maximizes the cutting surface, which speeds up the trimming process
  • Perfect cutting speed: Triminator ran extensive testing to determine the perfect speed that is just fast enough to cut, but still slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes
  • Minimal trichome loss: the slow, gentle tumble means the flower is exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally, resulting in minimal trichome loss


User Friendly Operation

The Mini Dry was designed to make operation as easy and convenient as possible. It is the ideal dry trimmer for urban and boutique operations, due to its small size and portability.

  • Compact size: allows for easy storage and portability
  • Carrying handle: makes it easy to transport and maneuver your trimming machine
  • Tool-free assembly: assemble and disassemble in under 15 seconds, with the brilliant turn-loc system; swapping drums out is a snap, as is cleaning
  • Ergonomic design: makes loading and unloading easy and hassle free
  • Pressure washable: makes cleanup easier than ever (but you can also use other cleaning methods)



The compact and lightweight design makes the Mini Dry the best dry trimmer for urban and boutique grow operations. Carrying handles allow you to maneuver with the machine effortlessly while the compact size lets you store it in the smallest spaces hassle free.


Disassemble and assemble without tools in 15 seconds or less with innovative turn-loc system. Drum swaps are fast and clean up is easy.


Load. Run. Unload. Quickly and easily with roll back design that makes bud trimming easy and comfortable.


Military grade materials mean the Mini Dry was made to be used. Pressure washable means cleanup is a breeze.




Turn your bud trimmer into a kief extractor seamlessly with the Triminator Kief Kit. Easily swap out your dry trimmer drum with the kief tumbler drum in seconds.


Watch the kief kit work.


Available in 150 and 100 micron mesh.

  • Dimensions: 21 (H) by 13 (W) by 18 (L) inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 50 watts
  • Amperage: dedicated 15 amp circuit required
  • Warranty: 2-year factory warranty


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